Guidelines for good coexistence in O Viso Ecovillage

To all the people staying at O Viso Ecovillage we want to thank you for choosing us. It is an honor that you decide to spend your time in our Vegan and Pet Friendly Rural Hotel.

We want the experience to be as rewarding as possible, both for the people and for the dogs that may accompany you. For this reason we believe it is of vital importance to share some rules of good coexistence.

These rules of good coexistence will help us all to make our stay respectful, friendly and pleasant. Can you help us to comply with them?

We kindly ask you to comply with the following rules of good coexistence.

  1. Our village ethic is 100% vegan. We ask that you please do not cook meat, fish or seafood. Everyone is welcome and we sincerely appreciate that while you are here, the vegan ethic of O Viso Ecovillage is respected.
    2. Our bathrobes are nice! Please do not take them home.
    3. Please respect the check-out time from the room and from the village, no later than 12.00 noon. This way we have time to clean and disinfect the rooms for the next guests.
    4. The dogs walk around the village on a leash and are not left alone in the rooms at any time.
    5. Please do not let the dogs have a wee on the village walls or let them enter the swimming pool. The doggie hammocks are very comfortable for them to stay happily with you in the pool area.
    6. Please pick up doggy poop with a baggie and throw it in the trash can next to the pool ladder. Please do not throw the bags of dog poop in the bins in the rooms.

    Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

We are waiting for you.