quienes somos o viso ecovillage

About us

It all started in 2018

O Viso Ecovillage was love at first sight. When I saw the place for the first time there was nothing, La Aldea had been abandoned for 30 years. The access to the houses had been "erased". I had to go through the field with a sickle to see if there were at least some walls or walls of the abandoned houses. I dreamt of living in a space in a natural environment with all my rescued greyhounds and this was definitely the perfect place.
I moved to La Aldea in March 2018 and started working very hard to get this project off the ground. O Viso Ecovillage is a fantastic place, as well as being lovely, you can see the sea on a clear day, or the mountains. There is nothing but incredible tranquillity here. A short distance away is the magical oak forest and the majestic Xestosa waterfall. Without a doubt O Viso Ecovillage is the perfect place to disconnect from the daily stress and noise of the city.


We are vegans because we love animals. Whether you are vegan or not, you are welcome here.

Healthy food

In our 100% vegan restaurant we rely on ingredients from organic agriculture.

Pet friendly

Your furry friends are welcome in our rural hotel! Enjoy with your family without leaving them behind.

Relaxation and enjoyment

Our country hotel is the perfect place to get lost and find yourself at the same time.



We refurbished our rural hotel respecting the traditional local materials such as stone and slate.

Magical and rural

First rural tourism village in the region of A Mariña, Lugo, Galicia. Located in a wild natural enclave, full of incredible landscapes and tranquillity.

What to do in O Viso Ecovillage

In our rural hotel you can disconnect from the noise of the city, take a few days to relax, enjoy nature, eat healthy, rest or practice some of our activities. Whether you come in a group, with your family or individually.


Getting to know a place like O Viso Ecovillage was simply wonderful.

Susan Jones


I recommend it 100% It is the ideal place to disconnect and rest.

Ailann Brown

"Pet Friendly"

I never thought I would find such a perfect holiday place for my dogs and myself.

Barbara Williams