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The Village

The first rural tourism village in A Mariña, Lugo

O Viso Ecovillage is the first rural tourism village in the region of A Mariña, Lugo, Galicia. Located in the municipality of Ourol, just 15 minutes from the beaches. It is 16 km from Viveiro and one hour and a half from Santiago de Compostela airport. The village lies in a large natural area of twelve hectares, making it an ideal place to relax, disconnect and enjoy nature.
The village O Viso was abandoned 30 years ago and the Galician architecture of all its buildings is estimated to be about two hundred years old. Part of the village was a school and teachers' house in former times. When we arrived we fell in love with it completely despite the fact that its buildings were in a very bad state. We started a complete renovation. The rehabilitation started in 2018. From the first moment we worked on the premise of ecological sustainability, respecting the traditional materials of the place such as stone or slate. The rehabilitation and renovation were carried out in the most respectful way with the original set of buildings. O Viso Ecovillage has several traditional buildings. It has eleven flats, five rooms, common areas such as social lounges, a swimming pool area, and an endless number of activities for you to enjoy. It also has a small restaurant specialising in 100% vegetable food and gastronomic activities.
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The decoration

The characteristics of the surroundings, the apparent "simplicity" of the popular architecture of the group of houses that make up the village, set the guidelines for how the interior should be treated. And so the decoration was carried out, combining the old with pieces that adapt them to a current function, differentiating the new from the old, paying homage to each of the elements with the respect that the passage of time grants, giving them a new prominence. Antique dealers, from the area, the furniture of each of the houses, once again fulfil the function for which they were created: chineros (furniture used to keep the "Chinese" porcelain crockery), are once again exhibitors of household goods, descalzadoras (armchairs that were placed in the bedrooms to take off their shoes), the mirrors of many chests of drawers... all of them have been spruced up to welcome the visitor, offering him a small sample of the furniture of Galicia of a bygone era.
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The "lareira", the most important element in Galician houses, is recovered, to continue giving it its use with small updating aspects. The "píos", now will not be used to feed the cattle. Simple furniture, neutral colours, traditional materials, the lack of ornamental noise, warm, relaxed, simple lighting, nothing theatrical... make up a space to relax, without distractions, in which the environment is the true protagonist, in which the superfluous does not exist, everything fulfils a function, and leads to a pleasant sensation of well-being on a mental level; the less is more, which is always heard and almost never applied. A place to lose oneself and to find oneself at the same time.